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July 03. 2013

We congratulate Angelina Otakari DK for buying our lovely young colt WML Al HaMee from 2012 (Wish Me Luck x Sherifa/A.R. Al Shabaab)
We wish them a happy life, and we are looking forward to follow them!!!

WML Al HaMee & his friends 2013

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Feb. 2013

We went to Abu Dhabi (Dubai) for Holiday, and went to the Arabian horse Championshow, and was so lucky to meet our mare WML Al Mahrousse we sold in 2012 to Dubai,
she was on the show, it was so fantastic to meet her there!!!! :-)

WML Al Mahrousse & me


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May 24. 2012

We wish our 2 beautiful girls Rihannah (Al Mahab/Al Lahab x Sawannah/Ibn El Mokari) & WML Al Mahrousse ( Wish Me Luck/Masran El Shaklan x Sherifa/A.R. Al Shabaab)
A good trip to their new home at United Arab Emirates, Dubai. - We wish them & the new owner a very good future!.


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May 21. 2012

New photos of our beautiful girl Waheds Zuleyma 2 years old, BY WML Wahed.

See more photos of Zuleyma under "Youngstock"

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April 10. 2012

It with a broken heart I have to tell that my sweet mare Samarrah had to let go today.

You star will always shineSamarrah

Samarrah got 22 years old

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March 2012

We wish Waheds Aida`s new family congratulations with the buy of our beautiful girl,
We also wish them all the best!!.

Waheds Aida
(WML Wahed x Sawannah/Ibn El Mokari)



August 1. 2011

WML Wahed (Wish Me Luck x Sherifa) at our National show,

WML Wahed got nr.2 in his class with 39.86 point and also got Danish senior stallion Bronze Champion 2011.

A big thank you to Lone Husted & her Team for good caring and showing of Wahed

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July 9. 2011

We have been fortunate that during Wahed show training stay at Johanna Ullström in Belgium, April Visel photographer came by and took a super nice picture series of our beautiful boy -
BIG thanks to Johanna & April for the very beautiful pictures



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July 3. 2011

We are very proud to tell that our beautiful stallion WML Wahed obtanied 91.33 point at the International B-show at Blommeröd in Sverige, & TOP 3.
His point: Type 20-19-19 H/N 19-19-19 Topline 18-18-17 legs 16-16-16 Mov. 19-20-19

We also give a big thanks to Johanna Ullstrøm & her Team for very good training and caring for Wahed, and really nice presentation on shows!!.

Photo M. Ølgod

WML Wahed
Wish Me Luck x Sherifa/A.R. Al Shabaab

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May 21. 2011

Inge-Merete owner & Wisdoms Touch (Wisdom El Masran x Samarrah) ...
They attended last weekend in Berlin Germany in Endurance riding 161km and BEAUTIFUL conducted with 14.15km / h, and even a fresh horse in the goal as the only Danish horse, they were No. 2 ...
They have now qualified for the European Championship... in Florac (France this year) and World Cup next year as most likely being held in England, it's simply SUPER cool ...

CONGRATULATIONS many times Inge-Merete & Touch I'm just super proud:-)))

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May 8. 2011

In the weekend did our stallion WML Wahed showed at Tulip Cup in Holland, he did a great job he went TOP 5 out of 10 stallions, he got 356 point,
it was Waheds first show in 3 years, so we think he did a very good job.

A BIG thanks to Johanna & her Team for the very good care & showing of Wahed!!.

Johanna & Wahed

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March 2011


We are happy to realize that WML Wahed, is producing just what we hoped...
Today he got his 3. filly in a row here on our studfarm
The proud mother is Sawannah/Ibn El Mokari

11 days on photo

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December 2010

We congratulate Malene Davidsen with the buy of our lovely colt Nimr Abyard Al Mahab By Al Mahab out of Sherifa.
We wish them joy & happiness together

Straight Egyptian


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Oktober 2010

We congratulate Liselotte Nyborg with the buy of our beautiful filly WML Hanna By Wish Me Luck out of af Samarrah.
We wish them joy & happiness together.


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August 2010

Waheds Zuleyma 6½ month

New photos has been taken of her, look under "Youngstock"

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July 2010

We congratulate Emma Persson with the buy of Al Mahab (Al Lahab x Moheba Hatifah)
We look forward to look into Al Mahabs new life as a riding horse & as gelding
We have knowen Emma in many years now and she is a very good rider,
and we are sure that its the right place for Al Mahab.
We wish both of them the best of luck, and a good and safe trip to Al Mahab to Sweden.

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April 26. 2010

We just got a cute colt by Al Mahab x Sherifa/A.R. Al Shabaab
Its our first SE offspring and we named him "Nimr Abyad Al Mahab"

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Feb. 11. 2010

We are very proud to welcome our first offspring this year - a stunning filly was born this morning
by WML Wahed out of Sawannah....

Waheds Zuleyma 1½ hour old. - 1 month old.

Zuleyma means: "Emotion "on Arabian

More pictures to come..

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October 28. 2009

We congratulate Tina Anita Mangård Jacobsen with the buy of our stunning colt WML Al Sherif
BY Wish Me Luck x Sherifa
We wish them all the best of luck and happyness in there lifes

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September 27. 2009

Inge-Merete Larsen & Wisdoms Touch (Wisdom El Masran x Samarrah) went to EM in endurance riding yesterday in Italy, they where going to ride 160km with 105 others at 5:00 in the morning.
They went out at the vet check at 140km, because Wisdoms Touch was not going 100% clean on his bagleg.
But it was so good they went so far, and I think they will be ready next year again:-).
Congratulations that you went so far!!!!!!

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September 10. 2009

All oure broodmares & stallions at Kastanielund
does NOT possess markers associated with CA

Samarrah - Sawannah - Sherifa -
Al Mahab - Wish Me Luck & WML Wahed

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August 6. 2009

We are very proud that we can tell that 8 years old Wisdoms Touch (Wisdom El Masran x Samarrah)
& owner & rider Inge-Merete has kvalified to EM in endurance,
The ride will be in Italy September 26.

We are so proud and wish them all the best!!!.

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 June 20. 2009

We are very proud that we can congratulate Line & Anders Isen with the very good result there 5 year old stallion got at the Danish national show
Wisdoms Al Fahl (Wisdoms El Masran x Samarrah) got nr.3 in class with 38.67 point & Futurity winner 2009.

Photo Heidi Glisborg

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May 24. 2009

We are very proud to tell that Samarrah got a very typey filly by oure young stallion WML Wahed, its the first offspring by Wahed, and we are more than satisfyed  with her, we named her Waheds Nadia, Nadia means (The first) on Arabian.

Waheds Nadia 5 days.

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May 07.2009

We CONGRATULATE RM-Arabians with the lovely colt foal they got today By Wish Me Luck out of Samirah.

RM Samir

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May 07.2009

We CONGRATULATE Ejaaz Arabians with the lovely colt foal they got yesterday May 6. By Wish Me Luck out of Zijawa Azale.
On the photo he is about 24 houres old.

Photo:Malene Pedersen
Al Tijani

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April 23.2009

New pictures of Sawannah & Sherifa, look at the "Broodmare" site.


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April 11.2009

New pictures of WML Jeenah Al Hawah & WML Hanna, look at the "Youngstock" site

WML Jeenah Al Hawah

WML Hanna

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April.03. 2009

Cute friendship pictures of oure son Finn & Rihannah

Finn 5 years old

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March.26. 2009

This morningdid we get a beautiful colt BY Wish Me Luck x Sherifa

He is fullbrother to oure stallion WML Wahed & oure filly WML Al Mahrousse....

Torben - WML Al Sherif & mom Sherifa

Al Sherif  "The noble one"

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March.9. 2009

Rihannah enjoy to be away from mom a little bit.....

Marianne & Rihannah
Photo Melissa S. Krog

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Feb.23. 2009

New pictures of Rihannah today 4 days old by Al Mahab

See more here

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Feb.19. 2009

13 days before termin, did we get a very typey filly by Al Mahab,
we are more than satisfied with her!!.

(Al Mahab x Sawannah / Ibn El Mokari)

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December 01. 2008

We wish all Merry Christmas & happy new year....
See you in 2009......

WML Al Fadee & Marianne

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October 10. 2008

Oure new Field is done

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 October 6. 2008

New Photos by Al Mahab
(Al Lahab x Moheba Hatifah)

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Agust 16. 2008

Oure 3 lovely broodmares are all with foals, Oure 2 lovely colts
 WML Wahed & Al Mahab

will get there first offsprings next year in year 2009, we look very much forward to see them.

Samarrah - Sherifa - Sawannah

See under "Broodmares" who we have bred the mares with!.

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July 12. 2008

 Inge-Merete & Touchdid it again,  a SUPER 2. place in 160km.
It was a international ride at Bernstorffsparken DK.
(Wisdom El Masran x Samarrah) & Inge-Merete

The speed was 12,2km/t.

CONGRATULAT we are very proud!!

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July 05. 2008

The international B-show at Blommeröd in Sweden is just over for this year,
We showed our lovely 3 year old colt
WML Wahed (Wish Me Luck x Sherifa)
Wahed recived very good result 88.33 point Goldmedal & vent TOP 3 in his class.

WML Wahed Blommeröd 2008

RM - Midtgaard Arabians has 2 lovely fillys at the show,
The 1 year old filly Waheedah (out of Samirah) recived 87.00 point Goldmedal,
& 2 years old filly RM Jameelah Bint Samirah by (Wish Me Luck x Samirah)
recived 87.67 point Goldmedal BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Also CONGRATULATE to Emma Brandt her filly WML Wardee 2 years old
by (Wish Me Luck x Sawannah) Wardee was not happy in the show ring, and diddent
show her self the way she can, Wardee recived 83.67 point silver.

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June 28. 2008

We congratulate RM-Arabians with the very good result there lovely 2 year old filly recived in Norway 88.25 point & TOP 3.
RM Jameelah Bint Samirah is by Wish Me Luck & out of Samirah

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June 24. 2008

Torben & I are very happy that we can tell you that we just now are the owner of Kastanielund Arabians,
My mom sold it to us, and she will still be Living downstairs as she use to, and for that we are very pleased....

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June 21. 2008

National Championshow at Broholm Gods Fyn....
Wish Me Luck had big success with some of his offsprings at show.

Oure lovely colt WML Wahed by Wish Me Luck recived 39.33point
 in 3 years old colt class, he got nr.3 in his class


We CONGRATULATE RM-Arabians with there 2 very good result today, they had 2 beautiful fillys in 1 & 2 years classes
   RM Waheedah the 1 year old filly by Samirah recived a with 37.00point
 RM Jameelah Bint Samirah the 2 year old filly by Wish Me Luck recived 38.00point and won her class

RM Jameelah Bint Samirah winner of her class.


Also CONGRATULATE to Emma Brandt
She got nr.2 with her lovely 2 year old filly WML Wardee
by Wish Me Luck x Sawannah, she recived 36.67point.

WML Wardee nr.2 in her class.

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June 20. 2008

We GONGRATULATE Malene Pedersen E´jaaz Arabians
with there beautiful typed colt foal by Wish Me Luck.

Fakhir E´jaaz

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May 8. 2008

NOW frozen semen available by Al Mahab (Al Lahab x Moheba Hatifah)

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April 23. 2008

Today we got a beautiful little filly 19 days before termin, by (Wish Me Luck x Samarrah)
We named her WML Hanna which means "Happiness"

Melissa WML Hanna & mom Samarrah

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April 6. 2008

We congratulate Anne Hedegaard Tanderup with the buy of WML Al Fadee (Wish Me Luck x Sawannah)
We look very much forward to follow you in the future, and we only wish you the best....

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March 23. 2008

Congratulate to Inge-Merete & Wisdoms Touch (Wisdom El Masran x Samarrah)
for a very good seasson start in indurance at the Åskov ride MA 84km a very good 3.plads

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March 21. 2008

New pictures by WM Jeenah Al Hawah see them on (Youngstock) site.
& new pictures by our lovely broodmare 16 old Sawannah see them on (Broodmare) site.

Sawannah & her daughter from  2007 Jeenah Al Hawah & Melissa.

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March 16. 2008

New pictures taken by WML Al Fadee 20 days old.

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March 10. 2008

New pictures taken by WML Al Mahrousse
(Wish Me Luck x Sherifa)

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March 5. 2008

New pictures taken by WML Al Fadee 9 days old.

Finn & WML Al Fadee

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 Febuary 25. 2008

Monday night at 10:40 pm, did we get a beautiful typed colt by Wish Me Luck and out of Sawannah,
 his name is WML Al fadee (and means redeemer) on Arab.

WML Al Fadee

WML Fadee 2 days old.

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 Febuary 21. 2008

WML Wahed will be at the stallion
prestation at Husted Arabians sunday 30. march at kl.13:00pm
Come and see our lovely colt....

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 Febuary 14. 2008

New pictures by WML Wahed

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 Febuary 10. 2008

Our 3 lovely stallions stand at stud this year, see them HERE

We also have youngstocks for sale this year, contact us for more informations...